How it all came to be……
Christmas of 2003 I decided to make spa products as gifts. At this point I had been studying about essential oils for years. So it was quite natural to use the oils in the products to expand upon their therapeutic effects – for both the body and the soul.

My Christmas gifts were fun to make and a pleasure to give. A month or two into the New Year, random recipients of my gifts started to ask if they could buy this or that. So it forced me to cost out my products. Then someone wanted to buy a large gift basket. This forced me to expand my product line a bit … next thing you know, I had a little business going!

I decided to move forward with it. It was a fun and challenging thing for me to do. Most importantly, it was something I could do and still be a full time mom (my very favorite job!). So now my company needed a name. Trade marking a name proved to be such a challenge! Every name that inspired me was taken. Then one night, I was out to dinner with a friend from India. Out of the blue, I asked him how to say “happiness” in Hindi.  “Khushi” was his reply.  The word, the spelling, the sound and the meaning all resonated immediately with me. So that is how Khushi came to be Khushi.

It all flowed together in such perfect harmony that I knew this was meant to be. And so it is. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them!

Nicki Francis

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