Khushi’s founding principle is: What goes on your body goes into your body – so keep it natural and pure! We are committed to bring you exciting products made from the finest natural ingredients.

We pride ourselves in the fact that the essential oils used in our products are the highest quality that can be found anywhere. It is noticed not only in their pure aroma, but also in their therapeutic qualities.

This Ingredients Reference is a good source for definitions and descriptions of the benefits of our natural ingredients. Our main ingredients are listed below.

beeswax (base oil): With the sweet smell of honey, beeswax adds many wonderful properties to various body care products. Harvested with no harm to our little bee friends, beeswax is an essential ingredient in all of our balms. It solidifies the oils, acting as a thickening agent but is non-pore-clogging.

calendula (base oil) : This is obtained from the whole flower blossoms of marigolds and infused in olive oil. It has long been known to be excellent in promoting skin healing and repair. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in treating skin problems such as rashes, chapped and cracked skin as well as eczema.

cocoa butter (base oil): Skin just loves this! It melts at body temperature and is very lubricating and smoothing. It provides a great barrier to lock in moisture.

cypress (essential oil): Improves circulation and helps foster a sense of grounding on an emotional level.

epsom salts: Known for its mineral rich and soothing properties. When absorbed through the skin, Epsom Salt is believed to draw toxins from the body, reduce swelling, and relax muscles.

geranium (essential oil): Excellent for healing skin issues and helps to balance both hormones and emotions. It may also help in easing nervous tension and stress.

grapefruit (essential oil): Used in aromatherapy for its invigorating, uplifting, and stimulating properties. Grapefruit is also often used in cellulite treatments.

grapeseed oil (base oil): This oil is very rich in vitamins and minerals, including natural chlorophyll and valuable antioxidants. It helps to tighten and tone the skin.

lanolin (base oil): Produced by the oil glands in sheep and obtained from the sheep’s wool. An emollient that effectively softens dry, chapped, cracked skin.

lavender (essential oil): The most versatile of all essential oils with many different applications. Widely used for its skin healing properties and its ability to be calming and relaxing.

lemongrass (essential oil): Its invigorating properties are said to stimulate, revive and energize. It has been reputedly helpful with jet lag, clearing the head and reliving fatigue.

orange (essential oil): Brings in sunshine on gloomy thoughts! Reviving when feeling bored and lacking energy. It has calming action while elevating the mind and body.

palm kernel oil (base oil): Super skin softening oil!

peppermint (essential oil): Absolutely lovely!!! Peppermint has long been valued for its therapeutic properties. Peppermint oil helps people become clear headed and refreshes the spirits. Good for concentration or for those with mental fatigue.

pine (essential oil): A cleansing and invigorating oil, promoting feelings of energy and well being. Refreshing, energizing and stimulating. Refreshing to a tired mind. A good disinfectant.

rosemary (essential oil): This fragrant herb is believed to awaken the mind and was historically used in love potions. Rosemary Essential Oil banishes tiredness with its refreshing, uplifting, and purifying qualities.

shea butter (base oil): Shea Butter softens and nourishes skin and is believed to have antioxidant and regenerative properties. This emollient is especially useful for renewing skin suffering from the effects of sun or wind. It makes skin smooth and supple.

sugar: Yes, sugar has been reputed for its antibacterial properties and ability to speed the skin’s healing process. These sweet granules also offer excellent exfoliation – gentle yet firm.

sweet almond oil (base oil): Very nourishing and skin softening, loaded with vitamin E.

wintergreen (essential oil): It increases and stimulates awareness in all levels of the body. It helps with inflammation and muscle plain.

witch hazel: This clear liquid is distilled from the bark and twigs of the witch hazel tree and is an excellent natural astringent.

ylang ylang (essential oil): Also called ‘flower of flowers’. The odor of this oil is sweet, floral, and exotic. It is known for its uplifting, balancing, and stimulating properties.

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